VERSION: December 12, 2020
Terms and Conditions
Brain Race Inc. ("Brain Race" or "us" or "we") provide an online and interactive service through which you can play a virtual game (the "Service"). We are a Canadian company working with different operators to provide the game you will play (the "Game"). To be clear, we provide the underlying software for the Games to run and operate, but the Game itself is provided by a distinct operator (the "Operator"). The Operator is operating the Game, and is responsible for all issues relating to it (such as billing, troubleshooting, booking and so forth).

This Privacy Policy explains how we manage and use the personal information you submit to participate in the Game. We refer to our collection, management, storage, use and sharing as our "Processing" of your personal information.

If you have any questions on this policy or with the Game, please first contact your Operator, and, if that does not resolve your issue, contact us at

We do not provide technical support directly to customers, but we work closely with your Operator to ensure everything runs smoothly. If issues arise, please contact your Operator. We are separate and independent from your Operator, and we take reasonable measures like a contract to ensure their activities are consistent with this Privacy Policy. We are not responsible for the Operator's actions, omissions or negligence, nor of that of any other third party.

This Privacy Policy was last revised on the date above. From time to time, we may edit or review this Privacy Policy, and so, contact us if you do not agree with the changes made.
Privacy Policy Summary
Personal information is sometimes a bit complex, but we want to keep this as straightforward as possible
We only Process your information as necessary to operate the Game and we do so on Operator's behalf.

The information you submit is necessary for the operation of the Game, as well as for the specific actions described in the Privacy Policy.

Your personal information will be Processed in Ontario and Quebec (Canada), as well as by your Operator.

We are not responsible for third-parties' or for Operator's actions. You have rights under applicable laws, and we're happy to work together to make sure your requests are taken into account by us.
What information do we Process?
We Process the personal information you submit through our registration form, which consists of your name, email address and phone number and IP address. These are associated with your Brain Race account, to which you associate a password.

We do not Process additional information that the Operator may have separately requested from you, but, if there is a complaint or an issue with respect to your participation in the Game, there may be additional information required for us to troubleshoot the situation.

We make use of session cookies to keep you authenticated and logged-on to our Service (so you can enjoy the Game!). We do not make use of other cookies, beacons or pixels.

Aside from your personal information, we Process analytics and data in connection with your use of the Games (such as progress, how many hints are received, best performance time). We do this to improve the Service and the Games. We may combine this information with your personal information to contact you with respect to your Game session.

We do not Process payment or credit card information. We do not Process location data or device identifiers.

Why do we Process your personal information?
Good question ! We Process your personal information in connection with providing the Games. This means we use the information to authenticate and authorize you to participate and register for the Game. We receive our instructions from Operator to do so.

We Process your personal information to authorize you to play the Game, as well as to support Operator in providing the Game to you. We also Process your personal information for you to retain an account with us - which is useful in case you want to use more games.

We will email you before and after your participation in the Game, as necessary to provide the Game and in connection with your participation. We may ask you to join a mailing list, but, out of the gates, we will obtain your separate consent in order to include you in a mailing list.

We Process your personal information with certain third-party advertising partners like Google and facebook, and we do this to target advertisements of our other operations and those of different operators. For example, you may see banner ads for other games if you travel to other cities. These are made available to you by third-parties based on your email address. Your own accounts on Google and facebook have settings for you to limit or remove this kind of activity. Contact us at support@brainrace.mtl for more information about our third-party partners.

We do not re-sell your personal information, and we do not bundle or enrich it.

With whom do we share your personal information?
We're Processing your personal information on behalf of the Operator with whom you'll be enjoying the Game you're participating in. We communicate all of the information submitted to the Operator, who will use it mainly to communicate with you if issues arise with the Game and to ensure it is successfully delivered to you.

We share your personal information (mainly email address) with third-party advertising partners like Google and facebook as described above.

We may have other reasons to share your personal information (in accordance with applicable laws). These include: (a) transfer to another company that acquires Brain Race or merges with it or if we go bankrupt or reorganize; (b) disclosure required by applicable laws; (c) disclosure to third party subcontractors or partners consistent with this Privacy Policy; (d) for other reasons if you've consented to it or if your local laws allow us to.

How long will we retain your personal information?
We will retain your personal information for a period of two (2) years.
What measures are we taking to protect your personal information?
You consent to your information being Processed in Canada, as well as in the location of your Operator. Your personal information is stored via a third-party (DigitalOcean) in a facility located in Ontario, Canada. Our own operations are in Quebec, Canada.

We take industry-standard measures to protect your personal information. Your password is encrypted. We limit the access to your personal information to those who have a need to know. These measures seem reasonable to us given the nature of the information, but they do not guarantee that your personal information will not be 100% secure.

What are your rights with respect to your personal information?
That depends on where you're from and where the Game is located. We abide as best we can by applicable laws and regulations with respect to privacy and personal information. The following rights are available to you in certain jurisdictions, but may not apply to you. Or, you may benefit from additional rights not listed here. Whatever it is, contact us in writing at support@brainrace.mtl to work through this together.

Your rights can include: (a) right to require the deletion of your personal information; (b) right to require the correction or amendment of your personal information; (c) right to ensure completeness of your personal information; (d) right to object to our Processing; (e) right to lodge a complaint to us or to your regulatory authority.
Contact Us
If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy or to exercise your rights under applicable laws, please contact us using one of the following:


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